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Psychic Joy

Areas of Expertise

Services I provide. Following the list is a more detailed description of the services.

·      Tarot Card / Card readings

·      Evolutionary Astrology

·      Past-life reading with your birth chart

·      Channeling / Psychic readings

·      Angel Messages

·      Connect and communicate with the Jesus energy

·      Healings

·      Remove black magic/curses

·      Change your karma


Tarot Card / Card readings – The card readings I provide use the tarot or other decks to give you answers to your questions or any other information you are seeking.


Evolutionary Astrology – Evolutionary astrology is the astrology of the soul. It is a profound and insightful tool to help you see yourself and anything else in your life more clearly and find the best path for you. It can quickly help you to indentify what blocks, challenges or issues you face that you chose to come into this life with AND provides you with clear solutions to resolve them. Evolutionary Astrology is great for ‘big picture’ solutions, as well as being a great ‘map’ to solve more specific issues.  *NOTE* You MUST have your birth date, birth place and exact birth time for this type of reading.


Past-life reading with your birth chart – Using Evolutionary Astrology you can easily see the past lives that are most affecting you this lifetime. Because we are in karmic cycles, we have come into this lifetime to resolve certain issues that we have brought with us from past lifetimes. Evolutionary Astrology uses your birth chart to tell your soul’s story, its evolutions, and that means it tells the story of your past lives. *NOTE* You MUST have your birth date, birth place and exact birth time for this type of reading.


Channeling / Psychic readings – I have experience with channeling the divine in a variety of forms. My channeling and psychic readings usually come from angels, Jesus, divine souls/holy people (living and passed), the ‘universal’ truth, your own soul, your spirit guides, your guardian angel(s) and/or your higher self. I can connect and see who comes through or you can request that I connect with someone specific. I can also try to connect with beings that I have not listed. A channel is like having the right phone number to a being. If I can find the right ‘number’ I can connect with no problem. Please just let me know your preference.


Angel Messages – Communicate with the angels. Ask questions, get answers and messages from the angels themselves. I use special channels and techniques to work with and communicate with these specific divine entities.


Connect and communicate with the Jesus energy – Through ancient and divine channels that I have been initiated into from a Saint in India, I can connect you to the ultimate and universal love of Jesus’ energy. Connect with, communicate with and experience His love.


Healings – Anything and everything can be healed. Some examples of the types of healings that are possible are physical, mental, emotional, relationships, money, work, family, love, karmic, past-life, spiritual and healing on a soul-level.


Remove black magic/curses – If you believe that you are being attacked by black magic, curses or negative spirits, we can work to remove them and then protect you and keep them away. At the beginning of this process, first I need to positively identify with you that this is exactly the problem/situation. It will not hurt you, but it will not help you if your problem is karmic and not a curse. Please let me know in advance if you would like to do this process. I need to prepare certain things to make it happen.


Change your karma – The root of most problems, situations and issues you are experiencing right now is KARMA. Your karma is not a life-sentence, and it is possible to free yourself from much of the karma you are experiencing today. It would be crazy to think that we could wave a magic wand and all of your problems could disappear. That is not the case. But it is possible to burn many different kinds of karmas you may be suffering from in this lifetime. Changing your karma gives you the ability to make changes and get out of the cycles you are trapped in.

  One important thing to note about this process is that it is very serious business. Because we are humans living on this Earth, even if 90% of your karma was removed or burned, you still are living as a habitual person. If you do not work to change your habits, choices or way of life once you have burned/removed karma, you will actually be CHOOSING to CREATE the same karma you just got out of. We are continually creating, and our habits are powerful, and without close attention and effort, your habits can trap you again in the same cycle. Burning your karma gives you freedom on a deep level to make real changes in your life, get you out of situations you feel stuck in, and gives you the opportunity to be free from a cycle that you have probably been trapped in for lifetimes. The ability to burn/transform/remove your karma is a huge responsibility and has been passed down in secret through a divine linage of masters, saints and holy men. This is a process to be treated with the upmost awareness and respect on all parts. This is not a joke. But with your open heart, understanding and respect for this process – miracles are possible.

  Removing your karma has endless benefits. The most popular are: Attracting the love you want, increasing your prosperity and healing pain and suffering. By healing heartbreak and changing your karma you can easily attract the love and prosperity you want into your life. And by destroying the seeds of karma from which your pain and suffering are born, you can finally heal your physical, mental and emotional pain.



I have helped countless people over the years. I have done one-on-one sessions and group sessions. I have done these sessions in person, on the phone, through distance and online. I have experienced miracles and seen dramatic changes in the lives of the people I have worked with.

  I performed a combination of an astrological reading, card reading and powerful healing session with a gentleman living in Norway. He was struggling to keep is business running and had also been estranged from his daughter for 18 years. Through the session we discovered that his former mother-in-law had used black magic on him to keep him away from his daughter. We did some processes to remove that black magic and protect him from it. I did not hear from this man for a while, but then about 1 year later, I heard from him and not only was his business booming but he had also gotten in contact with his daughter. Not only did he get in contact with her but they continue still to develop a beautiful, loving and deep relationship.

  This is a great example of the work that can be done through a variety of channels. It is a great example of how using a combination of different tools and methods can be very effective. We used astrology and card reading to determine the true cause of his problems and then we removed the black magic and did some soul healing to resolve the issues.


About me

  For many years now I have been doing card readings, channeling’s, healings and astrological readings on a daily basis. I was born with an ability to connect and channel the divine in a very special way, but have also actively developed and use the gifts I have been given to bring more happiness, joy and relief to people in their lives. As the saying goes, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected’.

  My abilities and personal spiritual growth took quantum leaps after I met a beautiful and powerful Saint in India. He personally initiated me, opened and grew my channels even more and taught me the most amazing and powerful divine techniques to heal all types of pain and suffering in the world today.

  After meeting him, I have spent the past several years in India in a small village learning these ancient divine channels and techniques. I have been back and forth learning them and then using what I was given to help, heal and bring happiness to people around the world.

  During my time in India I wanted to learn the art and science of palm reading, but never found a genuine teacher. In my failed attempt to learn palm reading though, I met a beautiful Saint who taught me to read cards. It was never my goal to learn to read cards, but I discovered what a natural gift I had in it and have developed this ability on a daily basis ever since. Now reading cards is one of my most reliable, definitive and accurate ways I do readings.


Don’t just settle for answers, you deserve SOLUTIONS. By the grace of the divine we can find them together.


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