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Psychic Tora

I believe all humans possess a certain amount of psychic ability, even though they may not be aware of it. Mine started as a teenager, with precognitive dreams. Sometimes they were meant to warn me, because the event occured 2, 3 months later, but other times just to inform me, because the event was happening at the exact moment of dreaming and there wasn't much I could do about it. I once dreamt about something that was actually happening in a nearby room at that very moment. Unfortunately, my precognitive dreams were actived only when bad things were happening. Also, even prepared, I was never able to change the future and it didn't hurt less.

I started to read esoteric books, searching for an explanation. The truth is no book enlightens you without having your own life experience. By that time, I was too young to have a revealing one. This is why I did some mistakes like practising astral projection, even though my spirit was not ready for it. It didn't turn out too well so I decided to leave this technique. But sometimes my spirit still runs free while I dream, without my permission to say so.

I can usually see where your problem is without any tools but I "boost" my accuracy with tarot cards. Images help me connect better. I do not feel connected to angels, or spirits and I never feel a 3rd party interfering with me and the person I read for. I see the world as a huge database where all the information is already submitted and we just need exercise to read it. Yes, there is free will, but the near future is already past as we speak.

I can't and I won't predict death. I refuse to see it and it is not my business. Also, a health warning is just a warning and it should be followed by a visit to a doctor. Psychics are no doctors, lawyers or finance experts. I can read and see the events but without "professional glasses", so any advice or prediction should be taken as is.

People feel refreshed and positive after a session with me, I hope you will feel the same.

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Empathic & intuitive tarot reader, warm, open minded and prepared to give you insight without judgement. Fast, detailed and to the point.

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