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Psychic Freya

My journey with tarot cards started 20 years ago when a friend gave me my first deck. I was fascinated by the images of the cards and even though i had no idea about their significance, i started "playing", without understanding that i was actually "reading". "Intuition" , "beginner's luck", i don't know which one helped me, but everything i said at that time to my friend turned out to be true within 2 months. I admit i felt good but at the same time scared. I stopped for a long while and focused on my studies.

After building a nice career , my life entered a "comfort zone" where things were going well but without any major challenges. I had a strange need to "escape" and feel something "beyond" the usual "9 to 5" life. I started to fill that "empty" feeling reading a lot more than i used to, mostly paranormal related. In all these "out of our world" stories, i rediscovered Tarot and its beauty. This time i gave it a thoroughgoing study.

I started reading for my family, friends and acquaintances. The small circle of "clients" became a large one and it became physically impossible for me to continue working for free. This is how i started to be paid for my readings.

Now my services are on Internet, too. I believe the greatest gift the Internet has ever given us is the possibility of being united as one. Not only that it's the fastest mode of providing information, but the opportunity of being connected to people all over Planet Earth, from different nations, cultures, lifestyles is a certain path to a better understanding of ourselves, by overcoming our limitations and misconceptions.

I am here to deliver the message the Universe has for your situation, using my only tool: the Tarot cards. I am not a psychic or a clairvoyant, so i can't see what is beyond cards. I am intuitive, empathic and a great "radar" when it comes to sensing people's current energy. I do no do health readings. My favorite readings are love & relationship questions.

Hope to meet you in chat!

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Excellent!!! Surprised to know that she tells everything that happend. Would like to keep in touch with her lifetime for any consultation! Thank you FreyaJay


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Love, marriage, break up, relationship issues? Don't lose hope, it's never as bad as it seems and it's all happening for a reason. Let's find it together!

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