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Psychic Goddess Christina

I have always had psychic abilities. As I got older I broaden my knowledge on different ways to use my god given gift. I have taken several workshops the past few years to further develop myself and my gifts.

I am a psychic, tarot reader, face reader, palm reader and prophet. On some occasions I use the Obi and Runes. My spirit guides also advise on what to tell my clients. I use my tools to help me better understand your situation.

I will help you the best way I can. If I feel you need to see a professional such as a doctor or lawyer I will tell you. For my own ethical reasons, I will not predict pregnancies and death.

I have helped thousands of people face to face. I’ve also been on internet talk radio. For about the past 6 years I have given readings online. I enjoy helping people.

I have been told by people that I am naturally gifted. People often tell me they feel uplifted after a reading with me. I am very honest with what I tell you. Some of the information may not be what you want to hear. If you are not looking for the truth, you will not get an honest reading. If I am not shown the answer to your question, I will not lie to you to make you happy. Please note timing is not set in stone. People have free will to do what and when they want to. I am a messenger not GOD.I will give you 100% of my effort to help you. I keep all sessions confidential.

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Good thoughts overall.Diane

Goddess Christina

Chat Rate: $1.00/min.
Listed in: Psychics,Tarot,Fortune Telling,Clairvoyance,Dream Analysis,

I am here to help you in whatever challenges or problems you are going through. I will not judge you in anyway. I am here to help you, not judge you. Please be prepared to hear the truth.
If I see or sense anything that will upset you, I will tell you as compassionate as I can. After a reading with me, I will leave you in a better mental and emotional state. You came across me for a reason. Find out why now. Are you ready to know the truth? Are you ready to heal?

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