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Psychic Psychic Ana

Anastasia (Psychic Ana) was born in Poland near the Ukraine border and lived most of her life surrounded by old Gypsies and the traditions of the Catholic Church. Through her work in Europe and North America she has become skilled in Tarot Cards, Palm and Face Reading, Geomancy, Astral Projection, Channeling Energy, Reading Auras, and possess the gift of Fortune Telling with Premonition.

“In my daily practice I embrace my spiritual history and let my ancestors guide me though this world. I understand that as human beings we face many obstacles, sometimes there are so many paths to take it can get confusing, that is where guidance from the other side is sometimes necessary.”

From a young age she has studied under Madame Vera, an elder tarot reader who lived around northern Illinois area for many years. After finishing her apprenticeship in 2001 Anastasia pursued formal education in metaphysics and the liberal arts.

Currently she travels and works as a professional spiritual counselor, tarot reader, and clairvoyant to individuals and businesses, from top C.E.O’s to the best moms next door.

The world is going though major changes right now, we are entering a New Age and with that come new challenges and found hopes. Psychic Ana has a very close and special connection with the spirit realm. Through her abilities and experiences in the metaphysical she helps others to connect to their spirit guides, find answers, and capture an insight to the bigger picture that surrounds their life.

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Psychic Ana

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Everyday is a new adventure with infinite possibilities. Psychic Ana provides top guidance on a spiritual level to meet your most important life questions and concerns.

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