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Psychic AwakenedTruth

This site has been abandoned. The owner cannot be reached so I cannot be paid, so please contact me at [email protected] for a reading. Have a beautiful day! :)


BA: Psychology-Intuitive and Energy Healer. Expertise utilized on Chat Readings, Forum Readings, Phone Readings, & Various Websites.

Some Topics to Discuss during a Reading:

    Relationships (family, romantic, love life, children, consciousness)
    Marriage (troubled, communication, home life, roles)
    Health (energy description & Healing)
    Dreams (meaning, interpretation, understanding, growth)
    Fear (beliefs, thoughts, past struggles, abuse,  energy blockages)

Spiritual & Psychic growth (expand your mind and your abilities)


I will help you to see past the same restricting patterns and beliefs and manifest a relationship and a life worth relating to. Stop the worries, and what if’s and focus on what you want to become and who you want within your life. Problems arise with family, friends, associates, career and mates but why see it as problems? Start to see it as a part of your life that you want to change. With change comes the evolution of choices, so lets work together and make a choice that is worth making. Remember that time holds no restriction for you are time and time is just a combination of choices and actions, so lets change our perceptions, change our lives, look within, and grow.

How do I read people?

A reading is conjured from an expanding warehouse of information that is transcended from within your DNA and your vortex. What I do to receive this information is listen to the codes within your system, and then I collect the information and I form it into words, which one can understand. The guidance or support that you receive is also within your vortex and electromagnetic fields and while seeking the best suitable way for you to reach enlightenment your own being communicates within my field to produce advice that would best suit your interest to adjust and shift your overall consciousness.

There is no magical connection or spells, or anything of that nature that is needed to receive this information but instead it is my own ability to listen and your own ability to live. Many people see this information in a form of the Akashic records but in retrospect it is your DNA which is a library of informational light which transcends and communicates within all existence without restriction to time because time is what your manifest it to be. I can see, hear, feel and sense all there is through each surrounding field of your being because I myself am apart of your being. We are all interconnected and that is the reason deviation is not needed but to see beyond the physical eye and onward to the exterior and eternal eye will help one reach the ultimate truth.

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See past restricting patterns and beliefs and manifest relationships and a life worth relating to.

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