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Psychic Moonlight

Areas of Expertise:

Services I provide. Following the list is a more detailed description of the services.

- Tarot Card / Card readings

- Past-life readings

- Channelling / Psychic readings

- Connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels

- Distance Reiki Healing


I have a long line of psychic`s in my family. I have grown up with this gift to serve others. I started learning more about the spiritual and psychic world just after I graduated and have my diploma in Wortcuning, Metaphysics, and divination.

I also studied and graduated at a wizard university and completed my divination diploma with them.

I am busy studying my Masters, and Doctorate D.D. and Ph.D. degrees in metaphysics.

I am also a practitioner of Reiki; I have had countless of people healed through the distance healing I provide.

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Chat Rate: $1.00/min.
Listed in: Tarot,Occult,Past Life & Karma,

Trouble with love, family, relationship or any situation in your life? Remember everything happens for a reason. I am here to help you along the way and together we can help you get through it.

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