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Psychic Lady Avalon

I come from a long line of Psychics, Shamans, Healers,, Witches, Warlocks and Gifted people.....I am a mixed races lady  ( Russian, Spaniard, Italian, Portuguese and Irish )  raised in both Wicca and Catholisism.......also Rosacrucian..... Paganism was before Chrisitanity , Natural healing was before medicine so, since I was a little girl I learned about healing, about magic, about Mother Earth and her Twin Sister Mother Nature powers ....I am a Wiccan Priestess and yes, I can see, feel, smell and hear what others just cant. I can read perfectly TAROT ( I have about 70 different sets ) CHOCOLATE,  COFFEE , TEA LEAVES,  WATER,   RADISHES, VIKING RUNES, AZTEC ORACLE. MAYAN ORACLE,  SPANIARD CARDS,  KARMA CARDS, PENDULUM,  QUARTZ,   EGGS,  THE  I  CHING.... AND YES, CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM .

I studied Astrology ( Horoscopes ) and Astronomy mostly because of the  Eclipses, the Moon Phases and how it has a link with us, human, tried to study medicine but, it sure wasnt me so, I jump into Holistic, New Age, Alternative medicine such as Herbs,  Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Flowers therapy, Bach  and Alaska Flowers, Gemstherapy , Friut therapy , Vegan therapies, Flowers Cuisine , Aphrosidiac Cuisine, etc.,,,and a recent Diploma on Health  and Medical Tourism.....focusing in Natural healing.

Being a PET PSYCHIC it sure is an awesome experience because I am the channel between pets and you , I am the voice of their fears, doubts, pain, joy, complaoints , premonitions and more...a PLANT PSYCHIC is an incredible experience  because being able to communicate with plants and tell you what is going on while I read the leaves, dryness, colors, etc., telling you to be aware is so pure, so , earthy......a HOUSE AND BUILDING PSYCHIC it is a 3D experience due that houses -buildings can make people sick, make people fight, separate and even die...the scents, images, noises  and feelings can really advice and guide me  to be able to elight you and  help you......and the most lovely experience is to be a GAY PSYCHIC. ...because gay people are so bless, having both sexes in them , having your high IQ no wonder about 99% of  the best artists,  scientifics, historians , etc., are gay.

I am also a Cultural Anthropologist , Historian , Professor and an a Fashion Designer Ive presented different collections dedicated to : The Goddess, The Virgin Guadalupe besides others and also a  22 Hand Made Felt Hat Collection dedicated to the Tarot Mayor Arcana a Cultural Anthropologist is great because I get really envolved in different things  such as Ritual food and drinks, traditions. customes ,religion and more.

Also for the last 5 years I have been performing as a Story-Teller and Lecturer with the Legends of My City,  I dont just narrate them I tell about my encounters and experiences with the ghosts.. I am working hard in a photograph project about the legends too.....and as a LEYENDS, TOMBS AND GRAVEYARDS TOUR GUIDE-PERFORMER.
As a psychic, I have worked and appeared in different places , Radio and Tv shows with the horoscopes and in different closing films parties like DEEP BLUE SEA , TITANIC and more., right at FOX STUDIOS  and FOX STUDIOS, FOXPLORATION Parties .

On my Spiritual side I am an ordenained and certified Reverend this mean that I can perform Marriages, Baptisms, Presentation of Children, Renewal of Marriages, Love Vows , Love Affirmations and Funeral Rites. a Doctor in Methaphysics and a certified tarotist.

Allow me to guide you thru this journey full of pain. tears and rocks but, also love, peace, joy and happiness.
Love,Light and Blessings from North of Mexico !

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Lady Avalon

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Allow me to guide you through this journey full of pain, tears and rocks but, also love, peace, joy and happiness.

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