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About me

I am a natural psychic, clairvoyant, and spiritual counselor. My purpose is to empower others by helping them reconnect with their higher self. I have done tarot readings for many years, and also incorporate the pendulum into my readings for answering specific yes/no questions.

I work, primarily, with my spirit guides and the Ascended Masters. The information received comes in the form of pictures, words or sometimes a general knowing. In addition, I am also a Reiki healer and bring that energy into my readings, along with helping clients become aware and expand their own frequency (energy). Not only does working with frequencies help clear emotional blocks but it produces a greater sense of peace that is much needed in these challenging times.

I read the energy surrounding the client and the situation. Even if the question pertains to the future; the only way to look at the future is to read the energy in the now moment. There is the misconception that the future is fixed and waiting for us. The fact is, that your future is completely dependent on your intentions and actions.  I can read the energy in many areas of your life, so that we can look at your situation from the perspective of spirit.

However, in matters of health, legal and financial, I always advise clients to seek professional assistance. In this life we walk between the spirit and the physical world; so too, in resolving situations, it’s important to seek advice from both sides.

My readings can help reveal those fears and behavioral patterns stored within your subconscious mind, that are preventing you from manifesting your goals. I can see the life lessons that you are here to work on. Often we go in the opposite direction that our soul wishes for us. In understanding your lessons and why you are here, you will be able to align your intentions with that of your soul making life a little easier.

Timing and Readings

Due to issues involving life lessons, subconscious fears in manifesting, and free will; I cannot predict specific time frames. When a client is working through various issues; the goal they are manifesting may take a little longer to achieve. For example, I often have clients who are hoping to be in a relationship but who subconsciously send out signals that they don’t want to be with anyone. A reading can help bring their fears to light. They may miss an opportunity but as they keep working on their own lessons and learning more about themselves; soon they attract more opportunities.

We are all challenged during these times to understand why we are here and to travel our own unique path. All questions in a reading ultimately lead to a better understanding of yourself.

I would love to work with you in helping you to achieve your goals and to assist you on your journey.

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My readings offer clarity and compassion and help you reconnect with your Higher Self and sense of purpose.

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