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Psychic Kuba

What I specialise in:

Tarot Readings – I use traditional cards that have been passed down from generations in my family.  They have helped and guide thousands of people including me.  

Psychic Readings and Healing – Through patience and divine energy, I can open my third eye chakra and connect to you.  Our souls will intertwine and this will help me understand you through the spiritual world.   

Past Lives and Karma – I’m able to feel who you were in your past life and help you find guidance and prevent from making mistakes.  I can guide you to your destiny and help you avoid a dreadful fate. 

Spiritual Guidance – Through spiritual guidance is self-discovery.  It’s never to late to find yourself and follow your path to happiness.

Dream Analysis – Dreams are very significant but often ignored.  I have studied dreams for many years, my own and others and can help you understand what your spiritual self is trying to tell you. 

I’ve helped people from across the world find love, romance and fulfilment in their lives.  Whatever your feel or seek, I can help guide you.


My family has passed on their traditional teachings and experiences onto me from a very early age.  I travelled with them as a child across the earth and developed a gift.  I’ve been blessed by very powerful spiritual leaders and gained knowledge and insight that has been forgotten for centuries.  I use my gift to help those around me.  I sense spirits and energy all around me.  I’ve felt evil and felt good in others. 

Since I was a child I’ve been very sensitive and very intuitive to everything around me.  I’ve watched my family perform miracles and give guidance to the cursed and unfortunate.  I’ve played with black magic, spells and witchcraft and its something that I do not wish to do again.  The experience helped me become aware of the evil that can become apart of us.  It’s also helped me to wash away the black from those that are cursed. 

The people who I have connected with on a deep and personal level are living a fulfilled life full of love.  I’ve helped people find happiness in their lives and live in peace.  I feel very thankful for my gift and want to share it with the world.

About Me:

I’ve been performing psychic readings, healing and spiritual guidance professionally for 5 years.  I use traditional spiritual teachings to help people.  I've been apart of many spiritual groups and attended many retreats to find myself and find inner peace and happiness.

My process of connecting with energy is very sensitive and I’ve been apart of the universe for many years.  I sense energy and have premonitions.  I’ve helped people cure their black karma and avoid certain danger.

My life has given me great fulfilment and a deep sense of love that I share with the world.

My gift is not a choice and I believe that its something that has been given to me by something that we cannot yet explain and I want to use my gift to help you.

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I'm very intuitive and use traditional spiritual teachings to find what you are looking for in your life.

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