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Psychic High Priestess

My long and vast experience in the field is much appreciated by my clients. My readings are devoted, personalized, professional. Heart, soul, mind and energy are invested for you!

Sometimes my readings are very abundant and generous, because the cards are too. Other times they are mysterious. I will always tell you only what i see and i will not write down things just to fill a page.

Every reading has its appropriate spread, but i usually lay out at least 10 cards for a detailed, full insight on the matter. Our time in chat is limited though, so i will adapt to quick 3 card readings.

My predictions are based on the current energies in motion. You are not a doll, you are a valuable human being who uses free will and acts, decides, changes, makes things happen.

I have an accuracy of 90%, there is no such thing as fully accurate because human behavior is complex. Also, if i tell a woman that she will become pregnant and she does not want to, she will change this future by preventing it. This is how a prediction can actually change the prediction itself.

Let me help you, you are just a click away from me!

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Thank you for a lovely session!Aimee

High Priestess

Chat Rate: $1.00/min.
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They say I'm devoted, professional and enthusiastic. My readings are much appreciated by my clients. Let me help you, you are just a click away from me!

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